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Built-in Google Headshot

Have your image and stars rating in your Google search results

Google Headshot Support

By using Vertikal you can have your image right beside your website title in Google search results. Researches show that sites with Google Headshot, will have much more CTR (Click Through Rate) than normal sites.

It simply means by using Vertikal, you will have more visitors than usual! The other good news is that Vertikal HTML structure is completely SEO friendly and if you enter your site content carefully, we will have a better placement in Google results.

Review and Star Rating

Vertikal also supports Review Post Type. By having this feature you can rate your articles and see the star ratings in your Google search results.

About Skins

These are pre-made skins of Vertikal which you can enable them on your site easily. Please note that these sample sites are loading with Ajax which you can simply enable/disable it through your Theme Options page.

Pre-made skins